Christopher Nave
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology

About the Speaker

A behavioral scientist, Christopher Nave teaches courses in Personality Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Statistics for the Social Sciences. His current research examines how child and adult personality relates to adult behavior, and how adult behavior relates to important life outcomes.  He also studies how couples behave when they interact with one another- and how this behavior relates to overall relationship satisfaction. Additionally, Dr. Nave is running a personality judgment study asking participants to rate how they see themselves and how they want to be seen in a couple different interactions, and gauging whether participants are successful in being seen the way they wish.

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Areas of Expertise

  • The power of personality:  how personality relates to everyday behavior and to important life outcomes
  • Personality assessment: unlocking a powerful (and inexpensive!) tool to better understand job applicants, subordinates, clients, and customers
  • Misleading statistics- becoming an educated consumer of information (avoid falling prey to misleading, incomplete, or bogus research claims)
Christopher Nave

Christopher Nave

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Christopher Nave