Chinyere Osuji

Chinyere Osuji teaches courses in Intro to Sociology and Race in Latin America.  Her research examines issues related to multiracial families, race in Brazil, comparing race in the United States and Latin America, and immigrant rights and mobilizations.

Robrecht van der Wel

Robrecht van der Wel is a research scholar whose work explores the motivations for action.

Judith McCoyd

Judith McCoyd regularly teaches courses in Clinical Social Work I and II; Clinical Social Work with Children; and Loss Across the Lifespan.  Her research expertise is in expertise in loss and grief, social work practice, pregnancy problems, perinatal health care, and technological aspects of pregnancy.

Tara Woolfolk

Tara Woolfolk regularly teaches such courses as Intro to Psychology; Stats for Social Science; Psychology of Adjustment; and Psychology of Minority Groups.  Her research examines adult identity development and psychology in film and mass media.

Kristin August

Kristin August’s research examines interpersonal processes and health; physical and mental health in later life; and racial and ethnic disparities in health.

Charlotte Markey

Charlotte Markey is the author of several scholarly articles in the fields of health and developmental psychology. Markey teaches the courses Research Methods, Psychology of Adolescence, Psychology of Eating, and Health Psychology.