Stacy Hawkins

Stacy Hawkins teaches the courses Constitutional Law, Employment Law, and Diversity in the Law.  Her research explores the intersection of diversity and equal protection law in the context of our 21st century multi-cultural pluralist democracy.

Margo Kaplan

Margo Kaplan teaches courses on health law and policy and criminal law.  Her research explores legal limitations on intimate decisions, particularly the use of criminal law in areas of health and sexuality.

Michael Carrier

A frequent media commentator and speaker, Michael Carrier is the author of more than 65 articles in leading law reviews around the nation.  He is the author of the book Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law (Oxford University Press 2009, paperback 2011).

Perry Dane

Perry Dane researches constitutional law, legal issues related to same-sex marriage, jurisdiction, the First Amendment, American Indian law, the law of charities, and the jurisprudence of Jewish law.

Victoria Chase

Victoria Chase supervises the Domestic Violence Project. Chase teaches Disability Law and Professional Responsibility.

Roger S. Clark

Roger S. Clark is the author of numerous books, including Human Rights Sourcebook and Prosecution of International Crimes.