Chinyere Osuji

Chinyere Osuji researches how interracial couples in the United States and Brazil navigate racism. She also examines the experiences of African immigrants in the nursing profession.

Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes teaches the courses Foundations of Policy Analysis and Financial Management of Public Programs.  His research is in the field of public budgeting and finance, focusing primarily on the impact of tax and expenditures limitations on urban school districts. His additional research in the field of education policy focuses on summer learning loss, and … Continue reading Michael Hayes

Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein regularly teaches the courses Introduction to Language; Modern American Grammar; History of the English Language; Language, Power, and Politics; and Language, Class, and Culture.  His research examines the semantics, pragmatics and discourse structures of English, medieval French, and Tiipay (a Native American language spoken in San Diego county and Baja California, also known … Continue reading Richard Epstein